Is making out on Twitch against TOS? Twitter reacts to Adin Ross video!

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When it comes to making out in front of millions of viewers, Adin Ross didn’t hesitate to get some action on camera with Instagram model Corinna Kopf. Twitter went crazy and the discussion of if whether it’s appropriate or not continued long into the night.

Adin found himself on the top of the Twitch trending page when kissing Instagram model Corinna got him 90,000 live views.

So wtf happened with Adin Ross?

Twitch is a live stream site where mostly gamers live-stream themselves playing COD or people filming themselves sleep all night while everyone on the chat distracts them. Yeah, I know, weird right?

But when Adin Ross had a quick kiss on camera Twitter went crazy and debated whether it was allowed or not.

Is making out on Twitch against TOS?

According to Hashtag Hyena’s interpretation of the roles, no.

The TOS of Twitch states that ‘Nudity and sexually explicit content or activities, such as p**nography is prohibited’ but can you really say a quick kiss is a p**nography.

There’s definitely no nudity so, we guess it’s up to the viewer to decide if it’s allowed or not in their opinion.

Twitter reacts

Twitter went crazy over the incident and it even ended up on the trending page.

The comment section was filled with posts of Adin being a ‘legend’ and taking a win. As well as ‘When’s the tape?’ so I guess a few do think it was classed as p**n.

One simple kiss on a live stream turns into Twitter’s new couple to ship and a breeding ground of memes relating to Adin’s ex. She won’t be too happy.

What are your thoughts?