SEE HERE: Face reveal of Blaza by Socksfor1 – fans debate whether it’s fake on Twitter!

Screenshot from YouTube video of @Socksfor1

Socksfor1 hit 100k followers on Instagram and in celebration of that, he finally did a face reveal of Blaza! Can 2021 be any better?

Socksfor1 stated in his Instagram caption yesterday that for 100k followers, we would get to see the face of Blaza, and for 200k we might even get to see the face of fatmemegods.

Who is Socksfor1?

There isn’t a single platform that Socksfor1 has not conquered already. He is popular on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Twitter!

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The real name of Socksfor1 is Nicholas and he is a gaming YouTuber. Born on October 11, 2000; he is just 20 years old and he has already amassed a huge fan base with 3.2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and about 100k followers on Twitch.

Sockfor1 is mostly known for adding mods to Among Us game and playing it with his friends – @FatMemeGod and @Blaza Plays. In fact, Socksfor1 has another YouTube channel called @Socksfor2, which is full of games he plays with Blaza. He also plays other games like Minecraft, Cyberpunk, Fortnite, etc.

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Who is Blaza? Where is his face reveal?

Blaza’s channel name on YouTube says a lot about him – @Blaza Plays. A lot of fans feel like they already know him because of watching him play and talk so much in the Among Us videos with Socksfor1.

But Socksfor1 posted a quarter of his face on his Instagram account and fans are all raving about it. Check out the face reveal for yourself.

Now that’s a way to give fans what they want but still keep them wanting more.

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However, that’s not all. As a joke, @FatMemeGod also tweeted ‘Blaza’s face reveal’. It is downright hilarious.

But he didn’t just stop there.

Most fans can’t believe that this is a true face reveal. They say that the voice does not match or that it might be fake. What do you think? Is this Blaza?