TikTok song: Von von von explained – artist and meaning!

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Trending TikTok song von von von is going viral for its hilarious relatable content. Hitting 2.1 million views on the original video, TikTokers are recreating their own version of this new trend.

Now it’s time for you to get involved too!

What is the ‘Von von von’ TikTok song?

‘Von von von’ a song written by King Von and Lil Durk originally called ‘Twin Nem’.

King Von recently died in November 2020, however, his song trending now on Tiktok for many to hear.

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The original Tiktok uploaded by @princephillips1970 and with 2.1 million views and now recreated by many on Tiktok.

So what’s the context behind it?

Videos are going viral of people on TikTok creating their own versions of the ‘von von von’ song. The context of the videos starts either at a party with their friends goofing around, someone walks in and one of the two people keep acting inappropriately and gets caught.

The relatable situations being acted out in these viral videos make it so funny if you have been in a similar situation.

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A video of a US military soldier goes viral of him humping his steering wheel and getting caught by their captain. This particular video got 9.7million views and the comment section goes crazy over everyone wishing they were that steering wheel.

Girls going wild in the comment sections ‘y’all wish you were that steering wheel huh?’ and the top pinned comment with 70.8k likes ‘ The steering wheel after 9 months’ with a pregnancy emoji at the end.

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Thir fr how it be tho😭😭 (coach kinda sus tho😳)

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