Snapchat: John Metchie’s hacked posts explained as he reacts on Instagram!

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American Football player John Metchie left fans confused on Twitter after his Snapchat account posted photos and videos of him slating and belittling head coach Nick Saban. Not knowing he had been hacked fans were shocked.

Alabama fans were shocked when there was a photo posted of John’s Snapchat account saying: “Nick Saban such my d**k, I quit, who wanna meet tomorrow to smoke’ on a black screen.”

Fans didn’t believe it was him at first due to the black screen, until a second post went up not only showing his face but also adding: “YOU CAN’T F**K WI ME ROYCE THIS IS ELITE SH** SINCE YALL DONT BELIEVE ITS ME.”

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Twitter reacts to the John Metchie Snapchat

Fans soon realized John was hacked after he posted on his Instagram story that both his Snapchat and Twitter had been violated.

John responds on Twitter

John was quick to respond to Twitter and on his Instagram story, keeping everyone updated each day about whether his account was still compromised.

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People were quick to realise that it seemed very out of character for him, and it was odd to verbally attack Nick Saban after the coach had praised him in a recent interview saying: “John has made a very, very positive contribution to our team.”

And then come the Memes…

Memes are now trending on Twitter about how Nick Saban would be reacting at first, with the confusion now turning into a joke.

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Nonetheless, the ordeal must be unsettling for John as it highlights how easily your social media could be hacked.


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