What are fake Snapchat pictures? TikTok boy’s edition explained!

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Fake Snapchat pictures are spiralling TikTok as creators are providing their viewers with amazing images they can use on the app! Various groups of photographs are being shared, such as ‘boy’s edition’ which is particularly popular.

Are you struggling to provide your Snapchat story with cool content? Continue reading as we explore the meaning of fake Snapchat pictures. We also delve into the boy’s edition and provide you with insane TikTok examples!


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Fake Snapchat pictures explained

Everyone knows that in order to have an interesting Snapchat account, you must post sick content on your Snapchat story, right?

Well, social media users are aware that this can be quite difficult during a global pandemic.

On top of that, what if you have strict parents?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Many TikTok accounts are now dedicated to sharing fake Snapchat images for their viewers to use on their own stories, within this article we have included various different examples of these users.

User named @fake..snapss shared a video which included numerous images that can be used as fake Snaps.

In order to use these pics, you must simply screenshot the image and crop it to fit your Snapchat screen.

This particular upload has now gained a huge 4.5 million views along with 920.8K likes in total – viewers are loving it! #viral

A popular TikTok hashtag #fakesnaps currently has 89.5 million views and is filled with content surrounding fake Snapchat pictures!

Wait, why would people want to use fake Snapchat pictures?

@sahhaarraaa commented on @fake..snapssvideo:

“Why do ppl need this..?💀”

Another user named @sarianamarie replied to this comment and explained:

“strict parents. you can use the Starbucks one n then go to a friend’s. some ppl are snitches”

What if people figure out that the pictures are fake?

@tvdhasenteredtiktok pointed out that this viral trend may have ruined the entire concept of fake snaps, since people will have seen the images on TikTok.

The user commented:

“all fun and games till they say ‘i saw that tiktok too’ 💀”

What do you think? Are fake Snaps reliable or not?

What is the boy’s edition on TikTok?

Fake Snapchat pictures aren’t just used for random occasions!

Some users have began providing ‘boy edition’ fake snaps.

These particular images can either be for boys to use themselves or for others to make it look like they are spending time with a boy.

TikTok user named @fake.0.snaps provided multiple images that boys can use on Snapchat.

However, @fake.snapzz uploaded many different Snapchat images that can be used for other people.

These pictures will trick your viewers into thinking you are spending time with a boy!

@fake.xx.snaps also followed the trend and shared images of males for their viewers to screenshot.


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@fake.snaps.4.you hopped on the boy’s edition trend.

Would you post these fake images of boys onto your Snapchat story?

5 incredible TikTok examples

It doesn’t stop there; there’s more than just boy’s edition…

This TikTok trend has you covered, no matter the occasion!

@fake._.snaps.for_u uploaded a TikTok which included fake Snaps – shopping edition!

Another account named @fake._.snaps.for_u shared an alcohol edition – to be used for people of the legal drinking age only.

It get’s even more random; @fake._.snaps.for_u even shared a painting edition.

But, wait! This trend isn’t just used for Snapchat stories.

TikTok users have provided images that can be used on Instagram too!

@fake._.snaps.for_u replied to a viewer’s request and posted an Insta story edition.


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Go ahead and check out the fake Snapchat pictures provided all over TikTok to spice up your Snapchat story! 👻