What are the stars on the Snapchat map?

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Have you noticed that the Snapchat Bitmoji’s on the Snap map are changing every now and then? It isn’t all in your head, it’s happening.

Apart from the secret conversations that magically disappear on Snapchat, the Snap map has spiced things up since it was introduced in 2017.

The goal of Snapchat behind the Snap map is to locate old and new friends and to get inspired to go on an adventure. 

However, the new feature of Snap map doesn’t help achieve any of the above; it is more of a ‘creep’ indicator. 

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What are the stars on the Snapchat map?

On the Snap map, each of your Snap-friends has its own unique Bitmoji. An icon that is meant to look like the users in real life. 

If the Bitmojiis wearing glasses and has lots of small yellow stars around it, it means that the person uses the Snapchat map a lot. 

As though the stars weren’t enough exposure, the Bitmoji’s have turned to Actionmoji’s. 

What are Actionmoji’s on Snapchat?

Actionmoji shows the actions that the Bitmoji, and primarily the real person, is doing.

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For instance, if you’re using Snapchat whilst in the car, your Bitmoji will also be driving. If you’re travelling by plane, your Bitmoji will be on a plane too. If you’ve just woken up, your Bitmoji will be holding a cup of coffee or sitting on a couch.

In case these new features are making you feel weird and you want your privacy, there is a way you can hide and it’s known as “Ghost Mode” and can be found on the Snap map settings.