Snapchat Yellow Heart Meaning and how to keep the heart

snapchat yellow heart meaning
picture of snapchat yellow heart

Snapchat never disappoints when it comes to emojis; they have numerous emojis which you can use as you snap. For instance, you’ll notice a Snapchat yellow heart and hearts of other colors next to the names of your friends. The different colored hearts are placed there for a reason; to give you an idea about your Snapchat relationships.

An emoji is a smiley or a picture that you can use when sending electronic messages. You see, when you type a message on Snapchat, there are things you cannot express in writing, such as joy, sadness, excitement, etc. Emojis come to your rescue as you can use them to express your feelings. 


The meaning of Snapchat yellow heart

The emoji comes in the form of a picture of a yellow color heart. The different colored heart emojis you see against your friends’ names on Snapchat have different meanings. For instance, if you see the Snapchat yellow heart emoji against one of your friends, it means that you are ‘besties.’

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The hearts show the level/hierarchy of your friendship with each of your Snapchat friends. The yellow hearts are the first level of friendship on Snapchat. The person who snaps you the most and who you also snap the most (#1 BF).

A Youtube screenshot showing the meaning of Snapchat yellow heart

How long can you keep the yellow heart?

Your friendship levels change continuously on Snapchat. So, you can keep the Snapchat yellow heart with your BF for two weeks. If you remain best friends for two weeks consecutively, your friendship graduates to another level. You thus get a red heart. 


How you can lose the yellow heart

If you want to keep the yellow heart with your BF, you must snap each other the most for two weeks consecutively. If you stay away from Snapchat for some time or you start talking to someone else more, Snapchat can give the yellow heart to someone else. You thus lose your ‘bestie’ to someone else.

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How the hearts are allocated

Interestingly, Snapchat does not give out the hearts at random. The app uses an algorithm to determine your best friends on the platform. Check out the list the next time you log into your Snapchat.

Snapchat is a fantastic place to make and keep friends. When you get this heart, it proves that the Snapchat vibe between you and your ‘bestie’ is right on point. However, keeping the Snapchat yellow heart is not a walk in the park; you have to work extra hard and also use the app daily. 



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