Who texted Ethan Klein? Investigating the suspects from H3 Frenemies!

Trisha and Ethan screenshot from video.

If you haven’t been following, Ethan Klein recently disclosed that he had received an angry text message from a certain someone. Since, fans have morphed into amateur sleuths, eager to find out who messaged Ethan.

From Twitter speculators to Reddit detectives, fans have left no stone unturned trying to get to the bottom of this.

Who are the H3 Frenemies ‘suspects’?

Fans have really gone wild on this one – if an individual has a vague connection to Ethan or Trisha, they’re likely a suspect.

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Ethan revealed that he had never received a text like this before. Whoever it was, they sure were angry. Everyone involved in the drama voted unanimously to keep the name a secret, however, Trisha said that “one day”, she’ll spill the tea.

Names that keep rehashing on the suspect list include KeemStar, PhillyD, and even Post Malone.

What evidence are we working with?

By far, Phillip DeFranco has the most evidence against him, according to fans.

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In episode eight, PhillyD was called fat and, more recently, he was also called out for not covering David Dobrik on his channel. Prior, H3 had shown a TikTok featuring PhillyD, to which Trisha dubbed him a catfish for only posting videos of his face.

Whilst these do serve as tangible reasons for a motive, fans say that this is completely out of character for PhillyD to ‘explode’ emotionally. Likewise, it’s pretty bizarre to furiously send a message, knowing that Ethan and Trisha are likely to mention it.

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Since the speculation, fans have noticed that DeFranco’s most recent tweet leaves no option for users to reply. Pretty suspicious.

Diving in a little further, it’s also notable that, in these mysterious texts, Ethan was called a ‘douchebag’ – this sounds like terminology that PhillyD would use, for sure.

Looking at the other suspects, KeemStar is on the list because Trisha had previously also fat-shamed him. Yet, fans didn’t think that it was likely to be KeemStar and, even if it was, there’s no way that it would be kept such a secret.

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As for Post Malone, this rumour was quickly debunked by Ethan himself.

So, who actually texted Ethan Klein?

No one can confirm or deny who sent the angry messages until Ethan, himself, comes forward with the truth. We don’t know when, or if, this will happen, although we do know that Trisha called herself a ‘ticking timebomb’ with the information.

Who do you think sent the messages to Ethan?