What does BHM mean on YouTube? Leandro Assis’ design explained!

Screenshot from Youtube video of @YouTube

YouTube changed their logo on 1st February 2021, adding the letters BHM next to the icon… so what does it mean?

Companies that are known worldwide rarely change their logo unless it is absolutely necessary. So why did YouTube change their logo? And is this a permanent change?

Let’s find out more about the change.

When it comes to logos, every detail is important because it can tell you what the company stands for. Now YouTube has added the alphabets B, H, and M in the colours of orange, red, and blue respectively.

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YouTube also waited until the 1st of February to change their logo, suggesting that the date carries some significant importance.

The new logo stands for Black History Month, which runs from 1st February to 1st March in USA and Canada.

This annual observance is also celebrated in Ireland, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands but in the month of October instead of February.

The logo was created by an artist named Leandro Assis.

The artist mentions in his video that this month “is an important date for us to reinforce reflection on issues involving the Black community. To have the respect that we deserve.”

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The inspiration to create this piece for this creative artist came from the black people around him. Everything about them was important to him – the hair, the way they dance, the rhythms they create, and the beauty of their different skin tones.

The black creativity on YouTube was what empowered him. His message to everyone is that no matter what you do, don’t let go of your blackness.

We can all learn from this message and ensure that we don’t let go of something that makes us different from other people no matter what others say.

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In the video, you can see that the typography artist has also shown the hair of black people in orange, the dancing guy icon and rhythms was shown in red, and blue colour was used to signify the beauty of different skin colours. This explains the three colours used in BHM as well.

Leandro is known for supporting the black culture and LGBTQ+ rights through his work using bold graphic lettering and colourful palettes, just like the YouTube logo.

Click here to check out more of this artist’s amazing work on his website.

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How long will the change last?

This new logo will be on YouTube for the entire month of February but it will only be seen if you live in the United States or Canada because that’s where this month is considered as Black History Month.

What did you think of the logo change? Share your thoughts in the comments below.