TikTok: What is the Devil Girl sticker and why has it been removed?

Image taken from Unsplash.com

After viral videos tempted users to search for the ‘Devil Girl’ sticker, TikTok has removed it from the app – causing confusion.

Ever since TikTok enabled users to include stickers in videos, they have been fun, but the ‘devil girl’ sticker has gained the most attention on the app.

Read below to find out what the hype is all about over the devil sticker!

TikTok introduced the ability to use stickers in 2020, these are graphic elements used to overlay videos, but creators have found devil girl sticker particularly interesting.

TikTok user, @ppl_who_use_a_pillow, uploaded a video which intrigued viewers to search for the sticker named ‘devil girl’ .

Having now gained 2.0 million views along with 256.0K likes and over 5000 comments – viewers were definitely interested.

So, what shows up when you search for the ‘devil girl’ sticker?

As well as various different devil-related icons appearing, one particular sticker gained a lot of attention.

The popular sticker is an animated image of a female devil who happens to be nude.

TikTok viewer reactions to the sticker

Social media user’s reactions to the sticker varies throughout the app.

Although many people were shocked by the slightly explicit cartoon-image, others tried to express the harmlessness of the sticker.

TikTok creator, @xpumpkinzz, uploaded a video which advised people against searching for the popular ‘devil girl’ icon.

Despite not gaining a huge amount of attention, the user did receive negative comments.

A user named @u_look_gorgeous_today, commented:

“dont be so sensitive”

On a TikTok video encouraging people to search for the sticker, @f_ckyoutiktok gained over 4000 likes on their comment stating:

“this is why ❄️’s shouldn’t be on tiktok like you can’t handle something you see everyday💀”

This user referred to sensitive people as snowflakes; a slang term meaning that they are easily offended.

Another user, @.ausaaa, commented stating that the sticker is a form of art:

“yall it’s a body this is an app meant for mature audiences its literally art. there is nudity in art look at museums for example”

Why has the Devil Girl sticker been removed?

If you’re slightly late to this trend and you recently tried to search for the famous ‘devil sticker’, you are probably confused as to why nothing too-interesting has shown up.

Despite the mature audience claiming that the sticker does not contain shocking content, a number of users claimed that it violated Community Guidelines.

Within the guidelines, TikTok states that the app does not allow content containing nudity.

Following the complaints, TikTok has removed the sticker, meaning it no longer appears in the stickers section.

Viewers are now expressing their confusion beneath videos which contain the devil sticker; @cinamon_roll_ commented:

“POV: your confused because you didn’t find anything”

A particular TikTok sound is now being featured in uploads which encourage users to search up specific stickers, often containing inappropriate content.

Check out the audio for yourself and find out about the latest trending stickers!