TikTok: What happened on the Elizabeth Zoom class? Shocking reactions!

Screenshot from @benadams.dnce TikTok

A recent recording of an online Zoom class is spiralling TikTok after claims that a student is supposedly having s*x during the call.

Many viewers are now expressing their second hand embarrassment and confusion.

Continue reading below to find out what happened during the online class and what people think about it!

What happened during the Zoom call?

During an online Zoom-lesson, containing an entire class of students, one attendee particularly stood out above the others.

With the display name ‘Elizabeth Sc…’, it appears that this participant may have forgotten to turn her microphone off while enduring other activities.

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Although nothing has been confirmed, class-mates and viewers seem to think that Elizabeth was undergoing sexual intercourse during the lesson.

This is due to the distinct noises Elizabeth was making – leading people to believe she was expressing pleasure.

User, @benadams.dnce, uploaded a short clip of the recording as he came across the video.

TikTok user with 86.2K followers, @fuccyomamma, uploaded a longer recording of the Zoom call onto their page.

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This now has 13.5 million views, 2.6 million likes and 169.5K shares in total, along with a comment section full of users implying their second-hand embarrassment and confusion.

Reactions to the video

In the viral video, you can hear someone, supposedly a teacher, asking Elizabeth if she is alright.

Class mates then begin to react to what they could hear, as one participant states:

“That’s embarrassing as f***”

The popular hashtag, #elizabethzoom, currently has 1.1 million views.

Viewers have been posting their thoughts on the video.

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TikTok user, @andreswxr currently has 104.2K views along with 25.2K likes on his upload whereby he reenacts Elizabeth’s reaction after realising her mic was on.

@kingsteph21 admitted that Elizabeth is now the reason he is so conscious about his microphone being muted.

User named @irrelevantteenss expressed her confusion toward the fact that the teacher did not mute Elizabeth’s microphone sooner.

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However, some people are questioning the correctness of this situation.

@chickfilaslaps created a video which suggests the noise was not coming from Elizabeth; she thinks the student was in-fact playing a video.

TikTok viewers are concerned for Elizabeth

Certain information has been circling the app which suggests Elizabeth is supposedly 15-years-old, making people question the truth of this video.

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Many viewers are concerned by the sensitive situation due to confusion.

A user named @0tkpop used an alarming sound along with footage of a shocked woman in their upload to imply disturbance when finding out Elizabeth’s young-age.


that video has me checking my mic every 2 minutes now 🧍🏻 #elizabeth #elizabethtiktok #fyp #foryoupage #zoomclass

♬ Silence – Silent

Another TikTok user, @moniquenaomi_, expressed her concern with the situation as she encouraged her viewers to be more understanding.

However, others are not so sympathetic.

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@undercovermorgan gained 60K likes on his video whereby he expressed that he does not feel bad for the student.

The user claimed that her actions were disrespectful, yet proceeds to jokingly-state that this is only while the teacher is talking.

What do you think? Is this all a joke and should we be more understanding toward the situation?