TikTok: ‘Is that the Grim Reaper’ videos explained – and 5 funny examples!

Screenshot from @sosawoo TikTok

TikTok’s latest trending sound which involves reference to the Grim Reaper is being used to describe hilarious scenarios!

Continue reading to find out just why this trending audio is going viral!

What is the Grim Reaper and why is it used in this TikTok?

The Grim Reaper is a figure that is used to represent death.

In some mythologies, the Grim Reaper causes the victim’s death by coming to collect their souls.

This figure usually has the appearance of a skeletal figure, who is often shrouded in a dark, hooded robe and carrying a scythe to “reap” human souls.

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But, why was this being referred to in the popular TikTok sound?

In the TikTok audio, a male voice is explaining how uncomfortable he is as he spots something in the room and begins to scream.

He then yells the question:

“Is that the Grim Reaper?”

Why is this sound going viral?

TikTok creator, @sosawoo, uploaded this audio onto the app and it has now become a popular sound.

Having featured in 39.6K videos, users sure are loving this funny audio.

Content creators are now pairing the sound with comedic context, almost as a metaphorical situation.

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For example, @sosawoo used the sound in his upload which refers to a 2005 basketball game whereby a player comes across soon-to-be professional sportsman, Kevin Durant.

To express total shock; the Grim Reaper phrase is then used.

Hilarious examples

TikTok creator, Brock Thorndell (@brock._.alexander), featured the trending audio in his video.

He explained a situation that took place during sports-practice; he used explicit language before realising that his coach was stood behind him.

Brock then expressed his devastation as he knew he would have to prepare for punishment.

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With 670.2K views along with 246.0K likes, the comment section is full of users describing similar experiences.

Another creator, @n3cr0v0m1t, also used the sound to describe a funny scenario.

As this user’s appearance consists of dark clothing, grungy items and dramatic makeup – she jokingly referred to her baby brother reacting to the sight of her.

The camera switches to her baby brother as the audio sounds the famous Grim Reaper phrase – implying his shock.

@jakeisapisces gained 1.9 million views as well as 598.2K likes on his upload which featured the popular trend.

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Jake explained a scenario whereby he is waking up for a nap as he is faced with his dog staring at him.

It appears that many viewers could relate to this situation as his comment section was filled with mutual feelings.

Some creators used the audio to metaphorically explain gaming scenarios.

Matt Neer (@matneer) uploaded a video whereby he is referring to his younger self playing the online game – Minecraft.

As he recognises a particular character while mining – he expresses his shock.

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@faylsafe gained over 1000 likes on her comment which stated:

“I would rather find the actual grim reaper than him”

TikTok user, @frog._.cult._.666 also took to the app to explain an experience of hers.

The creator explains that she was posting on her private story – speaking about a particular boy – as his name popped up.

This funny upload has since gained 66.2K views and 24.8K likes in total.

Check out the ‘Is that the Grim Reaper’ TikTok videos for yourself and feature this hilarious sound in your content!