Twitter: Jordan Scott leaked images explained – violation of the TikTok star’s privacy

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Jordan Scott is just the latest in a line of famous TikTokers to get their explicit images leaked on the internet.

TikTok star Jordan Scott, who is better known for being the mind behind the ‘I ain’t ever seen two pretty best friends’ meme, has recieved a huge invasion of his privacy.

Internet trolls have released images of Jordan Scott which show his private parts on a meme sight, where fans have been seeing these images.

Who is Jordan scott?

Our man J Scott is an American model and TikTok star, where he has over 1.5 million followers, and more than 40 million likes.

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@Jayrscottyy is the name of his TikTok and Instagram accounts, and he has more than 60k followers on the app.

He is best known for his TikTok videos answering questions and offering advice, and for starting the ‘I ain’t ever seen two pretty best friends’ trend on TikTok.


TWO PRETTY BEST FRIENDS OFFICIALLY OUT NOW!!! Tag your twin you claim to be your besss Fran if they look as good as you 😭😭 #bestfriendchallenge

♬ 2 Pretty Best Friends – Jayrscottyy

Where were his ‘things’ leaked?

The images were reportedly leaked by the trolls on a meme site, where users have commented their disgust at the breach of privacy.

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The images have also been shared on a Twitter account that shows many other famous TikTokers leaked images.

The Twitter account, who won’t be named due to privacy reasons, has over 7k followers and is using peoples images without their permission- which is illegal.

Jordan Scott has not yet commented publicly about the shared images.


#stitch with @papermagazine I swear I love y’all 😂Pookie gonna get me for running my mouth tho 😭😭😭😭

♬ original sound – Jordan Scott

What to do if this ever happens to you

If this sort of thing ever happens to you, you have to report the photo that has been shared and the account that shared it.

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You may also want to reach out to the police, as accessing private images and sharing them online is illegal.

If you are under the age of 18 and this happens, you must talk to the police, as you are still a minor.

There are support networks in place for people, including counselling.