TikTok: How to do the Stop and Let Your Homeboy Hit It Dance – and 5 funny examples!

Screenshot from @brycehall TikTok

TikTok’s latest trend involves dancing to the popular audio which contains the lyrics ‘stop and let your homeboy hit it’.

Creators are loving it and many are pleased with how surprisingly easy this trend is.

Continue reading to find out what this dance is all about and how you can get involved!

What is the Stop and Let Your Homeboy Hit It trend?

The phrase ‘now stop and let your homeboy hit it’ are lyrics from a song by Pateezy called ‘Beat It’.

Once this sound was introduced to TikTok, users soon managed to create a viral trend which includes a hilarious dance.

The popular sound created by @prettyyd0ll.niya has now been featured in 235.8K videos including the uploads of many TikTok stars.

Unlike many popular dances on the app, this one is surprisingly easy – some may even suggest it does not count as a dance!

However, a lot of creators are pleased with the simplicity of the trend.

Content creator, @brycehall, captioned one of his many attempts at the dance by asking:

“can we make an easy dance for TikTok again”


can we make an easy dance for tiktok again

♬ original sound – mind your business ❤️

How to do the dance on TikTok

This hilarious dance requires only one simple movement – a slight knee bend!

When the audio sounds the word ‘stop’ – you must do exactly as instructed, halt on the spot and prepare to squat.

Although not compulsory, many creators bend their knees with their feet placed outwards from one another – this positioning is called ‘first-position’ in ballet-terms.

The movement is very similar to the classic ballet-motion which is named a ‘demi-plié’ (French term for half-bend), explaining why many creators are being labelled as a ballerina by their viewers.

@captainkkz took to the comment section of @noahbeck‘s TikTok upload to state:

“Noah’s a freakin ballerina now”

Along with 1519 others, Noah liked this comment – suggesting that he too thinks he has turned into a ballet-dancer.

Hilarious TikTok examples of the challenge

Popular TikTok star with over 24 million followers, @noahbeck, gained 6.6 million views along with 1.2 million likes on his take on the trend with his friend, Bryce Hall.


wait for the party animal to enter the chat @brycehall

♬ original sound – mind your business ❤️

Many creators have made the dance even funnier by wearing unusual clothing in their videos.

TikTok creator, @poplikethstguy, has gained 4.2 million views along with 1.1 million likes on his upload which he includes his hilarious outfit.

The comment section is filled with users laughing about his choice of shoes in particular.

18-year-old @annabananaxdddd, now has 6.6 million views along with 1.1 million likes on her upload.

Bryce Hall (@brycehall) has also shared multiple videos carrying out this trend, either on his own or with his friends.

Creator, @_theke, also made his viewers laugh by featuring a hilarious-choice of outfit in his video, along with his tiny glasses.

Go ahead and try out this trend for yourself!