What is the ‘I Like To Be F Like A Sl’ TikTok? New explicit challenge!

Screenshot via TikTok @fatjuicybo0ty

The ‘I Like To Be F Like A Sl’ is a new and explicit dance trend that many users are doing on TikTok. The challenge has reached another viral level, as the lyrics from the TikTok song have also become a viral online meme.

This challenge is one of many that have explicit and surprisingly sexual lyrics. The year 2021 has not shied away from any explicit challenges with the ‘Buss It’ challenge and ‘Small Waist’ challenge just a few of big TikTok trends just two months into the year.

The original ‘I Like To Be F Like A Sl’ TikTok dance

The ‘I Like To Be F Like A Sl is a viral trend on TikTok that originally was a dance trend combined with the explicit lyrics ‘I Like To Be F Like A Sl’.

Users are seen doing typical TikTok dances and some new dance moves to the TikTok sound called ‘Throat baby (Go baby) – Remix. The sound is of a woman singing and rapping the lyrics I Like To Be F Like A Sl**’.

However, the original song is by BRS Kash and is also called ‘Throat baby’, although the two songs sound completely different!

The new ‘I Like To Be F Like A Sl’ trend

Due to the lyrics being so sexual and the words used are quite shocking, many users started using the sound in many different ways, not just as a dance challenge and but as a viral meme.

For example, due to the explicit lyrics, many people are making TikTok jokes about sexual references from songs and movies or joking about how people various social norms are randomly

Many TikTokers have changed the name to ‘I Like To Be F Like A Slug’ among many other variations of the lyrics. This is either to highlight the meme or to avoid using sexual language on TikTok as they have strict guidelines.

Examples of the ‘I Like To Be F Like A Sl’ TikTok song

In school, the headteacher always asks the girls to cover up their shoulders and this is what they must think when a girl has shoulders out

This girl has used the lyrics in a literal sense – as she expresses the thoughts of v**** during their daily life – this song is crazy!

If you’ve listened to the song ‘Wet Dreamz’ by J cole then you will get this TikTok. Basically, J cole raps about his ‘first time’ and how he used to pass notes to his crush in class…