TikTok: Who is Chrissy Chlapecka? Get to know the “proud bimbo”!

Screenshot from TikTok ac of @chrissychlapecka

@chrissychlapecka is redefining what it means to be a ‘bimbo’ and now everyone on TikTok wants to follow her into blonde boss a** bi*** stardom!

The word ‘bimbo’ has always been used to describe the airheads or used to insult people by calling them stupid.

Say the word bimbo and people will picture a girl with push-up bras, ponytails, face caked with makeup, expensive outfits, flashy accessories… oh and probably no life goals beyond Insta fame.

However, some people have removed the stigma and made this word into something we all should aspire to be. Let’s re-evaluate the meaning of ‘bimbo’ and see what it has to do with Chrissy.

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Redefining ‘bimbo’ on TikTok

TikTokers are now worshiping the culture in which we all can embrace our inner “bimbos” and spread the gospel of kindness and good looks.

This word was defined by a misogynistic culture that objectified women and now it has been turned around to promote hyperfeminine beauty standards.

People who are joining this movement are calling themselves the “New Age Bimbos” and Chrissy Chlapecka is one of them.

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Being a bimbo is what we want now. It is now a way of saying “keep calm and carry on”. People are now opting to ease up on themselves and others instead of constantly overwhelming one another.


shoutout to the coffee stain on my shirt <3 but did i lie? no ❤️ #femininityispower #feminism #ily #ispokefacts #fyp #ihatecapitalism #bimbo

♬ original sound – chrissy

just another day in the life of a bimbo (men r dogs) 💕👼🏼💋💖 #ihatecapitalism #bimbo #bimbotok #hi #ily

♬ original sound – chrissy

She says that it is not just an aesthetic but a state of mind. There is another word you should learn – BimboTok, which is the community of these bimbos on TikTok.

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Can you guess who is the queen of BimboTok? It’s our fabulous Chrissy! She says that being a bimbo is also about being someone who is pro-sex work, pro-BLM, pro-LGBTQ+, pro-choice, and will always be there for her girls, gays, and theys.

Were you expecting this kind of wholesomeness and maturity in an article about a bimbo?

Who is Crissy Chlapecka?

Born on April 11th, 2000, this beautiful blonde is 20 years old right now (February 2021). She is an American from Chicago, Illinois.

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She keeps her personal life very private so if she is dating someone, she hasn’t revealed it to the public as of yet. We also have no information about her parents.

As a social media influencer with 2.3 million followers on her TikTok account, Chrissy is using her clout to promote feminism and protest bimbo-bashing.

Being a bimbo is not what any girl dreams of becoming when they get older but this 20-year-old saw a lot of comments calling her that and after a while, she embraced the word.

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Now, she has perfected the “dumb girl” accent, uses a lot of makeup with glitter, wears a lot of hyper-sexualized clothes, and proudly calls herself hot.

Being a strong woman does not mean covering the majority of your body, wearing minimal makeup, and never use anything flashy on your body. Also, just because you are doing all of those things, it doesn’t make you stupid or a bimbo either.

Let us follow the example of Chrissy and keep calm. Encourage people in our society to be more kind towards each other and be pretty in whichever way we want without any shame.

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