TikTok: Leaked Romaisa Khan viral video debunked by fans

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TikTok star Romaisa Khan is the latest victim of leaked intimate video. Who is Romaisa Khan and what has happened?

A huge number of people have become famous thanks to TikTok and their careers have skyrocketed. One of them is Romaisa Khan, considered the most popular TikTok star in Pakistan.

It is well known that fame isn’t an easy business, especially when it happens over time at a young age. There are many people out there who will try to ruin someone’s career with fake news, just for the sake of it.

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A very common tactic used to destroy a career is creating scandals and leaking personal information; Romaisa Khan is the latest victim of leaked intimate video.

Who is Romaisa Khan?

Romaisa Khan is a content creator from Pakistan, who earned popularity through TikTok. Her age hasn’t been confirmed, but Romaisa is believed to be around her 20s.

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She has 3.5 million followers on TikTok, over a million followers on Instagram and 307k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Her successful career online has opened doors for Romaisa Khan in the Pakistani Television, while Romaisa is now starring in a Pakistani TV series called “Masters”.

People love Romaisa’s acting skills and believe she is very talented. The hashtag Romaisa Khan on TikTok has approximately 12 million views and countless recreating videos.

Romaisa Khan viral leaked video

An intimate video was leaked on Whatsapp has become viral and it is claimed that the woman featured in the video is Romaisa Khan.

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The video has been circulating all over social media and many people speculate that the female in the video resembling Romaisa, might be TikTok star, Malika Cheema.

Daily Pakistan claims that Romaisa has denied it’s her on social media, although Hashtag Hyena cannot find any evidence to support this.

However, this isn’t Romaisa’s first time of being accused of having an intimate video, she has addressed it on her social media before and confirmed that it’s a scam.

Romaisa’s fans took over Twitter to defend her and debunk the viral leaked video.

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