TikTok: Who is Trinity Morisette? Age, family and her stance on cyberbullying

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TikTok star Trinity is more than just pretty. She has been through a lot and there is a reason why she is so much against cyber-bullying.

Trinity Morisette is an American social media influencer and a model who rose to fame because of her content on her TikTok account – @Trinity. Her bio itself says “Positivity influencer” because she is using her reach to influence people against cyber-bullying.

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Trinity Morisette: Age

This influencer looks very wise for her age but she is actually only 23 years old right now. She was born on 25th March, 2003.

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That’s right. The influencer with almost 4 million followers and more than 140 million likes on TikTok is just 23 years old.


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Family life of Trinity Morisette

Trinity has been brought up with two siblings. She has a sister named Payton and a brother named Gino who was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

She has said that his brother and his positive outlook on life has always been her source of enthusiasm and motivation. Trinity is an academically smart and highly organized person.

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Trinity does not talk about her family life often which is why all we know about her parents is that her mother’s name is Michelle. This is because she posted a picture on her Instagram with her mother after her mother’s spinal surgery in 2019, which went well.

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The journey of Trinity Morisette on cyber-bullying

She has won the hearts of her 4 million fans because of her stance against cyber-bullying and her motivational content that propagates positivity among people. She used to make normal content like lip-syncs when she had just started using TikTok. Once she started getting followers, she also started getting cyber-bullied.


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She received so much hate that she eventually fell into depression. Once she recovered from her difficult times, she decided to raise her voice against this kind of cyber-bullying. She received immense support from all over the world.

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It is said that she has changed the perceptions of social media influencers as they are mostly known to influence you to buy products and services. Trinity used her resources to influence people to be nice to each other instead.

She shares motivational and positive messages on her channel. She has garnered over 360k followers on Instagram as well because of her beauty as well as grace.