Buss It Challenge Twitter Guy explained: So you don’t have to watch

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A Twitter user with the name @Officialtayhpa1 recently uploaded his Buss It Challenge onto the platform and many users are very disturbed. Here’s everything you need to know, so you don’t have to break your eyes watching it yourself.

Prepare to be shocked as this Buss It challenge is definitely not carried out in the usual way.

Continue reading to find out all you need to know about this video, so you don’t have to watch it yourself.

‘Male’ Buss It Challenge on Twitter

Despite being introduced as a fun trend on TikTok, the Buss It Challenge has now been taken too far by one particular creator.

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A user uploaded his Buss It Challenge video from TikTok onto his Twitter platform – and it took everyone by surprise.

In his attempt at the challenge, he begins wearing only his underwear – at this part you should stop watching.

The male then begins to expose himself to the camera before the Buss It beat drops.

While any usual Buss It challenge would now consist of an impressive squat to the floor and fun-dancing, this particular video is not quite what anyone expected.

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As the beat drops, the man then proceeds to explicitly pleasure himself – without warning.

Despite causing a major uproar online with lots of negative feedback, the video has gained a total of 10K retweets, 35.9K likes and 2.2K comments.

Reactions to the video

Many social media users have expressed their disgust in response to the video.

In a reply to the upload, @_ZeebabyX_ commented:

“You’ve officially cancelled the buss it challenge 😭 💀 🤦🏽‍♀️”

Another user, @Dominio95330382, replied to the Tweet with the statement:

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“Buss it challenge is officially over.”

A reaction by @alexandre_prhmi has also been shared onto TikTok, whereby he compares this Buss It challenge with another shocking upload; the white robe girl.

Twitter user @chickigal1 expressed her thoughts on the video in her Tweet which stated:

“Wow y’all are going wild on this buss it challenge lol”

Who is this Twitter guy?

With 129K followers while only following one account; his backup page (@officialtaypa1), this user certainly has a large following – maybe for the wrong reasons.

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The Buss It Challenge video was not an unusual upload for this creator, as the account is full of similar content.

As an OnlyFans content creator, it seems that posting explicit images is not an uncommon occurrence for this male.

In his Twitter name, this user states that he is top 0.01% on OnlyFans.

@Officialtayhpa1 happens to be verified on the platform, despite only having 72 likes on his page.

He is also on Snapchat with the username @officialtayph.

Although his account has now been deleted due to violation of the app’s community guidelines, this creator also uploaded content onto TikTok (@Alt:tayh_).

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So there you go; we have explained the contents of this video in an attempt to prevent you from having to watch it yourself!