TikTok: Who is Jaclyn Hill? Get to know @jacattack

Screenshot from YouTube @Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill, who is an Instagram and YouTube star has entered the TikTok platform and is on the verge of becoming a TikTok star.

She has received awesome engagement in the few videos she has posted and if you have seen her YouTube videos, you will not be surprised to see that the camera and her audience love her and all of her antics. Check out her latest vids below along with a little background of her life.

Who is Jaclyn Hill?

Jaclyn Hill is an entrepreneur with her own cosmetic website called Jaclyn Cosmetics. She has everything from products of eye makeup, lip makeup, highlighters, brushes, etc. Her page on Instagram (@jaclynhillcosmetics) has 561k followers so far (on 17th September 2021).

It is filled with photos of the products and models (herself included) wearing the products to show the effects. Her own Insta page (@jaclynhill) has 6.7 million fans.

But she is mostly renowned for her work on YouTube (@Jaclyn Hill) where she has 5.7 million subscribers. Compared to all of her other social media presence, YouTube is where she has succeeded the most.

On YouTube, she claims to be a professional makeup artist who posts tutorials and makeup reviews. She recreates a lot of celebrity makeup and hairstyles as well. It was in September 2010 that she has just finished 11 years.

Let us get to know how far she has come on TikTok.

@jacattack on TikTok

Even though she joined recently, she has already gained 250k followers on TikTok. The views on all of her videos span from 200k to 5 million.

She posts updates about her life and her latest update about moving in with @moreseasoning1 has reached 2.2 million views.


We officially live together!❤️ @moreseasoning1 #bills #couple

♬ Bills, Bills, Bills – Destiny’s Child

If you want to engage with her, you can contact her on Twitter. She is active there than on any other social media and her two million fans love that about her.

What do you like about Jaclyn Hill the most?