Are Taylor Paul and Camille Munday from TikTok friends? Camille discusses the swaying drama

If you’ve found your way to Mormon MomTok, you’re well aware of how juicy it is. These moms seriously deserve their own reality show. Their delectable drama has gone viral not only on TikTok but also on Reddit.

To refresh your memory, famed Mormon parent creator Taylor Frankie Paul announced earlier this year that she and her husband, Tate Paul, were divorcing.

Why did they break up? According to one of Taylor’s TikTok live sessions (see below), which has since been uploaded to YouTube, she and Tate were part of a community of “soft swingers,” which meant they would become intimate with other group members who weren’t their partners, but the catch was that group members wouldn’t go “all the way” with one another unless their partners were present.

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To cut a long tale short, Taylor broke some of the rules. “It wasn’t like I was going around like hooking up with my friend’s husband,” she explained. “It was like, we were at a party, I became drunk, and we went and played about by ourselves rather than the whole group,” Taylor explained, admitting that she and the anonymous male “had feelings for one other.”

Unfortunately, the minor blunder was enough to destabilize their swinging group. Taylor said that she was “shunned” by her pals, despite the fact that “no one was innocent” and that other members of the group clearly had affections for each other.

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The intrigue of figuring out who was in the swinging gang, or who was hooking up with who captivated spectators.

Taylor had made it obvious that Mormon founders Camille Munday and her husband Sam Munday were not connected with her swinging group due to the amount of baggage they carried. However, Camille unfollowed Taylor following the divorce announcement, indicating that the two ladies were not on good terms.

What’s going on? Did Taylor’s divorce have any impact on Camille?

Camille Munday responded to the Taylor Paul issue in a new TikTok video

Camille Munday came to TikTok on September 11 to wrap things up with fans. “This is quite frightening for me. “I don’t enjoy this stuff at all; I just want to keep silent and private,” she says at the start of the video.

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“I don’t believe it’s doing me any good anymore, I think it’s letting other people create my story for me… So I’m going to start with the Taylor problem. I want to confess I handled it incorrectly,” she stated.

Camille went on to explain that she “acted out of rage” and was provoked since she had previously been involved in situations like this. “But I did apologize to Taylor a while back and I should not have involved myself,” she added.

One viewer asked in the comments section, “What did she do to Taylor?”

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Camille said, “I merely got entangled by commenting on a scenario in which I wasn’t involved.”

While it’s unclear if Camille did anything other than unfollowing Taylor, she has acknowledged that she was nowhere near the center of the drama but chose to criticize Taylor anyhow.

While we’re delighted she admitted her mistakes and apologized, we’re still curious: Which Mormom couples were involved in the adultery scandal? We need that tea right away.