What does ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ mean on TikTok? Meme explained!

Screenshot from TikTok @Tommy.hald

The ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ trend on TikTok is one of many trends that has been blowing up on TikTok in 2021. The new year has birthed many trends but this one is quite a dark meme that TikTok users are finding hilarious.

TikTok is not a stranger to dark jokes that go viral. Take the ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ trend which is a meme that is used when trying to make an incest type joke on TikTok

The song ‘sweet home Alabama’ is played over TikTok to portray the stereotype of southern people. Users have used this meme in a range of different ways, making jokes themselves by acting out something weird or, what people find the funniest, is when people react to other peoples’ TikToks or comments that look unintentionally incestual.

Background of the ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ meme on TikTok

The original song was made by American rock band Lynryd Skynyrd in 1974 and now the song has been meme’d into a sound on TikTok. The song is used as a stereotypical southern American country style song to portray a stereotype of incest.

The start of the ‘sweet Alabama meme’ on TikTok is controversial. But a few popular names who was one of the first people to upload these types of jokes.

First is a Youtube user called sweetboimemes who uploaded tons of ‘sweet alabama’ memes in the start of novemeber 2018.

The second user is also a Youtuber Whiztv who uploaded many ‘sweet Alabama’ memes on Youtube and earned over 60,000 views.

The meme has now become one of the top trends on TikTok. Where now the song has turned to a dark joke.

Funny examples of the ‘sweet Alabama meme’

This person walks in naked on his parents and they react pretty calm – this shows how the meme is making people do some crazy funny things.


I do be looking kinda good doe

♬ Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

This user reacts to someone’s comment on his friend’s looks – the fact that he looks like her cousin but puts a lovestruck emoji is very suspicious… that is quite ‘sweet Alabama’.

This is pretty funny, just wait till the end. He receives a call from his ‘girlfriend’ while he’s watching TV, but the phone ID says ‘sister’!