TikTok: What’s the meaning of an Egg Cleanse and how does it work?

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TikTok is currently featuring a new spiritual trend and users are wondering: What is an Egg Cleanse and how is it done?

The hashtag, #eggcleanse, currently has 10.5 million views on TikTok, but why is it so popular?

Read below to find out exactly what an egg cleanse is and how you can get involved!

What is an Egg Cleanse on TikTok?

Egg cleansing (also known as limpías) was originally used in Mesoamerican culture, whereby shamans cleared your energy fields and removed the surrounding physical toxins using raw eggs in their shells.

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The basic details of an egg cleanse requires rolling an uncooked, whole egg over your body with the intention of it sucking up the bad energies that plague you.

Shaheen Miro, writer and artist, claims that the theory behind the egg cleanse is that the egg “has long been regarded as a symbol of life, the connotation being that it takes on energy.”

TikTok users have been performing egg cleanses and discussing the results with their viewers.

Spiritual content creator @ancientsight stated that people need to approach the ritual act with knowledge and respect.

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How to perform an Egg Cleanse

There are different variations of the spiritual act but the basics require a fresh, uncooked egg (preferably organic), a clear glass of fresh, room-temperature water possibly along with sage and salt.

Below are 3 great examples of how to carry out an egg cleanse.

Twenty-year-old TikTok creator @taylor10109, provides her viewers with a step-by-step tutorial of the egg cleanse after looking up instructions on the internet.

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@poetichothead sneakily performs an egg cleanse and includes her variation of the act:


Help- I- idk what the bubbles around the yoke mean #HolidayVibes #eggcleanse #fyp

♬ original sound – shaylynn

How to read the outcome of an Egg Cleanse

Some outcomes of an egg cleanse may include.

Bubbles and Balloons: Energy was absorbed – too much negative energy is around you.

Cobwebs: People are jealous of you.

Spikes, Needles and Threads: A more deliberate energy was pulled from the aura.

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Head over to mysticsistersofthedesert.com for more information surrounding egg cleanse readings.

Below are two explanations of an egg cleanse reading.

TikTok user, @hippyb1tch333 read an egg cleanse to her viewers.

Creator, @fatherbrittany also explained egg cleanse outcomes:

Ensure you educate yourself before carrying out an egg cleanse, afterwards you are good to go!