TikTok: What is a flower dude? Wedding trend explained!

Screenshot from @anniemaepb TikTok

A recent video of a flower dude is currently spiralling TikTok as viewers express their admiration for this creative wedding trend! Everyone is now wondering what a flower man is and where this role originated.

In this article, we explore the meaning of a flower dude and why the term is trending online. Keep reading below to find out all you need to know about this amazing flower dude, along with how he acquired his wedding role and more!

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What is a flower dude on TikTok?

A flower dude is essentially the male version of a flower girl; the person who must carry and scatter flowers in front of the bride and groom at a wedding ceremony.

The popular TikTok hashtag #flowerdude currently has over 25 million views and is filled with heaps of incredible content involving flower men at weddings.

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However, @anniemaepb recently uploaded footage of her husband carrying out the role of a flower dude at a wedding and he sure did gain the audience’s attention!

Annie has now gained seven million views along with over 600,000 likes and a comment section full of admiration for the famous flower dude.

Wondering how he became flower dude? Keep scrolling!

The moment he became a flower dude

After receiving a great deal of feedback, Annie then uploaded the moment the flower dude began.

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The famous flower dude was first sat down as the groom asked him to acquire the important role of scattering flowers while walking down the aisle at his wedding.

After he agreed, the groom also specifically requested him to wear a fanny pack as he dramatically struts along the aisle to intense music.

The flower dude then turned to the camera in confusion and asked:

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“Is this like a special moment?”

Little did he know, he would soon become an internet sensation…

Keep reading for more amazing flower dude examples on TikTok!

More flower dude TikTok examples

In 2020, a TikTok user named @xtabanjaff uploaded a video of two flower men switching up the tone at, what started off as, a peaceful wedding ceremony.

This viral video now has over 16 million views and three million likes in total!

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A wedding events videographer named @billfosterfilms also took to TikTok to share amazing footage of two flower men in action!

This video has currently reached over two million views, more than 200,000 likes and incredible feedback.

@h.hannahbaby gained tons of likes on a comment referring to her own wedding, which stated:

“If my wedding ain’t like this ion want it 😂”

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Back in 2020, @megstok91 also shared the moment her awesome flower dude took the limelight at the wedding.


Our awesome Flower dude 😂 I recommend one for every wedding #flowerdude #fyp #weddingtiktok #budlight #drunk

♬ original sound – Name

The original flower dude seems to be @realflowerdude as his account is filled with his petal-sprinkling content.

@realflowerdude features in a viral video by @botney which claims flower dudes are superior to flower girls.


35 yr old man finally gets his lifelong wish of being a flower girl granted #flowerdude #wedding #fannypack #weddinginspo #flowergirl

♬ original sound – Botney

Who will you hire to be the flower dude at your wedding? 🤷‍♀️

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Head over to TikTok for more amazing examples of flower men!