Here’s how to audit your TikTok account for fake followers

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Having a huge following is awesome on the TikTok platform but if they don’t contribute, the quantity does not matter. Here how to audit for fake followers and remove them.

This way you can ensure that the quantity as well as the quality of your fan base is authentic and this will help you a long way in getting collabs and sponsors.

Importance of auditing your TikTok account

If you have a huge follower base but you aren’t even getting likes from half of them then the TikTok algorithm will assume that your content is not good enough and decrease your reach. We don’t want that to happen, right?

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When you have authentic follower base, they interact, like, comment, and share your videos which increases your reach to the people who don’t follow you. This ensures that your reach will be greater than your following which will attract a lot of brands who would want to sponsor you.

So having authentic following is really important for a social media influencer in every platform, not just TikTok. So let us teach you how to run an audit so you can stay away from the fakes.

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Best Audit Tool to remove fake followers

Hypeauditor is one of the best tools in the market that is easy to use and gives accurate results. Click on the website link here and you can get started for free.

They have different pricing plans for different needs of social media influencers so check out all their features and see which ones you would like to go for.

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Just put in your account details and let the software work its magic for you!

How to detect fake followers

Performing an audit and removing fake followers is great but you should also know how to detect them and remove them yourself from the very beginning.

  • See if the count of followers matches the likes. For example, if they have thousands of followers but the likes on each post are in the tens or hundreds then it is probably a fake account.
  • If the account has posted a few videos just once and then there has been no activity then it is probably not an account you want to have.
  • Check if the account has a bio and videos, if they don’t then you should remove them from your followers’ list.