Instagram: Where is Puppy Girl Jenna? TikTok and Instagram suddenly vanish!

Twenty-one-year-old Jenna Phillips (Puppy Girl Jenna) is making six-figure sums from acting like a dog online.

Sourcing her income from content creating via OnlyFans, read on to find out more about Jenna, what made her want to ‘become’ a dog and what happened to her social media profiles:

Who is Puppy Girl Jenna?

Jenna Phillips is a 21-year-old content creator from Austin, Texas.

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The social media star embodies the persona and mannerisms of a puppy – claiming that she has always “felt like a dog” in an interview with UniLad.

After feeling so strongly surrounding ‘becoming’ a dog, Jenna decided to leave her optician day job behind and persue a new venture using OnlyFans.

Puppy Girl Jenna also has a Twitter account, though her TikTok content and Instagram have been taken down. The content on both TikTok and Instagram was similar to that on Twitter – tame, ‘vanilla’ videos of acting like a puppy.

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What kind of content does she post on Instagram and TikTok?

Jenna admitted that, at first, pretending to be a dog was completely innocent – she enjoyed “rolling around and playing fetch.”

Since, the act has taken a sexual turn and Jenna now charges OnlyFans subscribers $20 a month to view uncensored material.

The 21-year-old disclosed that, at first, using OnlyFans served as solely a hobby, until she realised that there was a market for ‘puppy play’ content.

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Aside from monthly subscriptions, Jenna also creates custom content for fees that she sees fit – she was once paid $1200 for just one video.

The OnlyFans user revealed that she was relatively ‘open-minded’ when it comes to creating custom content, but will charge more if it involves riskier and more explicit elements.

However, the content creator told fans that she would never involve animals when filming, after a subscriber requested that she filmed content with a real live dog.

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What happened to Jenna’s Instagram and TikTok profiles?

Following her OnlyFans success, Jenna had quite the following on both Instagram and TikTok. However, Twitter users have been quick to notice that both social media profiles have disappeared:

“Where’s your Instagram, I can’t find it.”

“What happened?”

Fans speculate that Jenna’s Instagram and TikTok profiles have suddenly vanished due to social media guidelines.

Due to the somewhat explicit nature of Jenna’s videos and content, users believe that her social media content may have broken these guidelines.

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However, it’s also worth mentioning that Jenna disclosed on Twitter that she had been feeling sick recently and, therefore, had been taking a break from content creation.

What do you think happened to Jenna’s profiles?