How to use the Teleport Feature on TikTok – travel anywhere in the world!

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After being confined to our houses for about a year, this teleportation feature is a godsend and the effect is taking over TikTok right now!

After not being able to see the sights during the pandemic, watching everyone posting their teleportation videos where they are transported from one place to an exotic location is very pleasant.

So, get involved below.

What is the Teleport Feature on TikTok?

TikTok has this Teleport feature where you can take a video and change your surroundings using a ‘sci-fi’-styled array of beams.

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Now, with people using the feature more frequently, TikTok users have also started to get more creative with their captions and creative output.

How to use the Teleport Feature

Here is a step by step guide on how to use this effect.

  1. Go to your TikTok app on mobile (it will only work on mobile) and find any video with the hashtag ‘teleport’.
  2. Open the video and find the teleport effect. It should be listed above the username.
  3. Click on the effect to open it. You can either choose from a set of locations given there or you can head to your phone gallery and chose to be transported to that background.
  4. Start shooting the video with you in a place of your choosing. Then hold out your hand to start the teleportation process. Then the video will show you transported to the place that you chose previously.
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The teleportation in the videos are pretty smooth but not smoother than some of the TikTokers. Some users are getting just too creative!

Five ways to make the Teleport video creative

If you want to make it funny, add a caption saying something like “this feature will show where I will be in the next three years/five years” and then teleport to a surrounding that is funny.

You can also use a caption that states “this filter shows your celeb look-alike” and then react to the “answer”.

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A quick tip: make sure to choose the picture yourself or else TikTok will choose a random picture for you and you may not like where you have been “teleported” to.

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