‘Some Instagram features not possible in Europe’: What the message means for you!

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A new message has started popping on Instagram and Facebook Messenger for multiple users.

Numerous users are seeing a little message that says ‘Some features not available’. But why is it saying it?

What is Instagram used for?

Instagram is a social media site that was created in 2010. The site’s original purpose was for users to share their pictures online with their ‘followers’ and interact with posts, via liking and commenting.

Since then, Instagram has gone on to include more add ons such as stories, messaging, and Instagram TV.

The app has become increasingly popular with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, who have a huge following on the app. It also allowed for the creation of ‘Instagram influencers’ and ‘influencer culture’ where users make money from sharing their posts with followers by using ads.

What features will I not be able to use?

Very recently Instagram has started showing a new message which says ‘Some features not available’.

This is due to the new privacy rules in Europe surrounding messaging, with Instagram trying to respect the new rules. This means that temporarily some of the typical features on Instagram are not going to be working. These include ‘sticker’ replies and ‘poll’ votes on Instagram stories. This is affecting both Instagram and Facebook Messenger users, as there will also be some limitations on the Facebook app.

Instagram has said that these measures will only be temporary, and they are currently looking for solutions to bring back all of the features. For now, however, users will have to get by with the remaining features.