TikTok: Who is Nathan Apodoca? Net worth, daughters and relationships!

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TikTok star Nathan Apodoca has built up a huge following across his social media sites, and everyone has the same question on their mind: just how much is he worth?

Nathan goes by the name of @420doggface208 on his sites and he is known by just about everyone!

Who is Nathan Apodoca?

Nathan Apodoca, more commonly known as @Doggface208 is a TikToker from Wyoming, who was introduced to the app by his daughters. He often shares skateboarding videos, dancing clips, and some viral challenges that he has participated in.

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He has amassed more than 79 million likes on his videos. His TikTok @420dogg208 has over 6 million followers and went viral for a video of him singing ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac. He also has an Instagram account @Doggface208 where he has 3.3 million followers.

Nathan Apodoca: Net worth

As a content creator on TikTok with a huge following, Nathan can make quite a high revenue from his videos.

According to reports, Nathan is worth about 50, 000 USD as of 2020, and with his video’s ever-increasing popularity, that is only going to increase!

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Who are his daughters?

Nathan Apodoca has two daughters named Makyla and Angelia from a previous relationship. It was reportedly his daughters that helped him set up the TikTok account that rocketed him to fame.

In this Instagram video, Nathan shares a jokey video he made featuring both his daughters.

Is he currently in a relationship?

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Nathan Apodoca has two daughters from a previous relationship, although there is very little information regarding their mother.

He is currently in a relationship with Estela Chavez. Nathan Apodoca proposed to his girlfriend of 14 months in November 2020 and they are now engaged.


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