Is TikTok Lemon coffee effective for weight loss?

Tiktok Lemon coffee for weight loss

TikTok is a social media platform with a wide range of content. Watching TikTok videos is just like falling down the rabbit hole. TikTok Lemon coffee for weight loss is getting popular among trendy content and recipes.

This TikTok challenge seems quite easy; all you need to do is squeeze some lemon into your coffee and get the benefits of a weight loss nutritionist.

According to @Luthfa.choudhury, you don’t need to follow a strict workout or diet plan. She suggests this lemon coffee as a good source to boost your metabolism and lose weight faster than you think.

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You might be confused about how having a simple drink five days a week can help beat your stubborn fat?

Everyone wants authenticity before proceeding with this drink. So, we reached out to Sporting smiles contributor and well-renowned dietitian and nutritionist Katie Tomaschko to have a second opening.


The reality of TikTok lemon coffee trend for weight loss

Tomaschko said no to this drink by saying that there is absolutely no way this lemon coffee drink can help you lose weight or lose belly fat since “spot reduction” of fat loss doesn’t exist.

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She further explained, “When we lose weight, our bodies choose where we lose it from – there is not much say we have in it. We can train a muscle to grow, but not an area to lose fat from.”

Tomaschko clarified the phenomenon by explaining that if you need to lose weight, you need to follow a calorie deficit diet which can be done by decreasing your daily intake of calories, thereby increasing your physical activity.

Bottom line

Many weight loss drinks are getting popular these days. TikTok Lemon coffee is among these famous drinks for speedy weight loss. Both lemon and coffee have many health effects but they don’t do any magic for weight loss if you aren’t calorie deficient. However, a combination of lemon and coffee would help you increase your metabolism and speed up your weight loss journey.

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If you want to try this drink you can watch the video.