TikTok: What does “Yt” mean? Here’s how to use it!

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There are a lot of comments on TikTok saying “Yt”. People even use it in texts nowadays. What does it mean?

Lets explore what the urban dictionary and others have to say about this and then learn how to use “Yt” on TikTok.

Urban Dictionary definition

Urban dictionary is the dictionary everyone goes to understand all the TikTok slangs. Unfortunately, this time around, this dictionary was not much of a help.

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It says that TikTokers use Yt to ask “you there?”. That means “Yt” is used to check if someone that you are talking to is online or not. But TikTok is not used for chatting much so this definition doesn’t apply here. Let’s see what the real meaning of Yt is when it is used on TikTok.

What does Yt mean

According to Cyber Definitions, Yt can be used to say “YouTube” in short. It can also be used to denote “whitey” or “white person” as pronunciation of Yt sounds like “whitey”.

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Users also use Yt to say “Your Turn” but that is mostly used in gaming platforms. If you are a regular Twitch user then you must have seen people say Yt a lot by now. Now you know what it means.

How to use Yt on TikTok

When it comes to TikTok, Yt is only used to say “whitey” or “YouTube”. It is very rarely used to say “Your turn” unless someone is asking you to join a challenge. So you have to understand the meaning of this abbreviation based on context.

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If someone says “I saw it on Yt last night”, they are talking about YouTube for sure. The meaning of a comment like “I have no idea who that is but she is a yt” is that the person they are talking about is Caucasian.

When someone says “yt folx”, you can be sure that they mean “white folks” as there is no other definition for that.

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When you get a text asking “Yt?” it means that they are asking if you are still online or not. Hope these examples clarified the meaning of Yt.