Twitter: 7 shocking reactions to @Babychar17’s Buss It Challenge

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@Babychar17’s Buss It Challenge has gone viral on Twitter, but it’s not the challenge you would expect!.

The Buss It Challenge was created at the start of 2021, and it was courtesy of rapper Erica Banks and her 2019 song ‘Buss It’ that allowed the challenge to be born.

The challenge typically features women but has also been attempted by some men.

What is the Buss It Challenge from TikTok?

The challenge typically features looking less than glamorous and then it switches to a section of the song and users are all dolled up.

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Babychar17 created her own version of the challenge,which featured some X-rated content, and posted it on TikTok.

TikTok removed the explicit content as it violated their community guidelines, but @Babychar17 has posted it on Twitter, where users are sharing their reactions to seeing the content.

Twitter reacts to @babychar17 video

Since the video has been shared, it has taken Twitter by storm, and users have created their own hashtag #Buss It Challenge gone too far when discussing @babychar17’s Buss It Challenge.

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One User shared this hilarious meme of Phoebe from friends to accompany their reaction to watching the video!

Another Twitter user shared a funny meme of a fish from Spongebob, reacting that the video had caused their eyes pain and that they wish they could unsee it.

This Twitter user was not impressed with what she saw in @Babychar17’s Twitter video.

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Another user also thinks that the buss it challenge has gone too far, and does not seem to appreciate the content shared by @Babychar17.

This user seems to agree that this challenge has 100% been taken too far!

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This Twitter user is begging to unsee the content that was shared in @Babychar’s Buss It Challenge.

This Twitter user claims she feels ‘violated’ due to the nature of these ‘Buss It’ challenges.

@Babychar17 is not the only user with an explicit ‘ Buss It’ Challenge, fellow TikTok user Slim Santana’s challenge has also come under fire by fans on Twitter for being inappropriate.

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What started out as an innocent TikTok challenge will never be the same after seeing those versions of the trend.