How to get the Parental Advisory Album Cover on TikTok – 5 easy steps!

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TikTok hasn’t shied away from viral trends in 2021. There are many trends TikTok users have been obsessed with and the ‘parental advisory album cover’ challenge on TikTok has become very popular on the app.

The ‘parental advisory album cover’ on TikTok allows users to create album covers from videos on their camera roll. TikTok users are using this trend to come up with cool ideas and capture some really cool moments in an album cover format.

The ‘parental advisory album cover’ on TikTok is one of many trends that TikTok has produced since the start of the year. For example the ‘buss it challenge‘ and ‘silhouette challenge‘ is doing numbers at the moment trending on all social media!

How to get the Parental Advisory Album Cover on TikTok

Follow these steps so you can get the parental advisory album cover for yourself on TikTok:

Step 1. Go to your camera roll and select videos that you think would be suitable to become an album cover – maybe you skateboarding or at a party!

Step 2. Then screenshot some of the moments in the video.

Step 3. Unfortunately, this is not a TikTok filter. So, you have to download and use a photo collage app to create it yourself.

Step 4. Turn the photo into a square, then add it to a white background – find a parental advisory sticker on Google and edit that in too.

Step 5. Edit them all together on the TikTok app, bringing your video into it and the album cover you just created. Then add the TikTok sound ‘Hiiipower x DIAND’.

Cool examples of the trend on TikTok

This TikTok user thinks anything can be turned into an album cover so he turns moments with his friends into cool album covers including him playing American football to him just chilling out.

This girl uses the ‘parental advisory album cover’ to capture the good time she’s having/had during their time on holiday! It looks crazy!

Popular influencer Trisha Paytas has many wild moments in her videos and this user turns all her wild moments into album covers. This would be one crazy album!