What does “NNN” mean on TikTok?

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You must have seen “NNN” a lot on TikTok this November in comments, hashtags, captions, etc. Yes, it is related to November. Keep scrolling to find out its meaning.

It is related to a tradition, a trend, a challenge that is very popular on all social media since 2011. After finishing a decade, the challenge is still as popular as the year it started. Even more so now. Learn more about what it is, how to join and why should you join this challenge.


maybe next year boys i’m sorry… #nnn #theboys

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What does “NNN” mean on TikTok?

The full form of NNN on TikTok is No Nut November. This challenge, although crudely named, is a very popular trend that appears every November.

The challenge is about abstaining from nutting, i.e. sex, masturbation, or orgasming at all. Whether you participate or not, it is unlikely that you can prove that you have taken up and followed through on the challenge.

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Although participation in the challenge is questionable, people love to joke about their experience in the challenge. TikTok users post about how they are feeling, what arouses them, the consequences of the challenge, etc.

Why are people joining No Nut November challenge?

There seems to be a lot of benefit for men who abstain from orgasming for long periods of time. They seem to be more energized and focused.

This challenge is for men but even some women try it from time to time. The benefits mentioned above do not extend to women unfortunately so they just do it to join the trend.


Alright boys, it’s time to get back to it! #nnn #fyp

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The girls who know about the challenge also try to make funny posts about the challenge that their spouses are starting. They try to test the resolve of their boyfriends and post about that.

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There are some guys whose resolve is worth applauding.

How strong is your resolve? Have you tried this challenge yet? Let us know how it goes in the comments below.


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