TikTok: Where to buy the ‘Butt Crack’ Leggings – Scrunch Butt here we come!

Screenshot from TikTok @abbieherbert_

Did you see that viral TikTok video about the scrunch butt crack leggings? Does it really work? Can I have a naturally bigger booty?

Everyone on TikTok and Twitter is just raving about… leggings now? How good can they really be? The answer is – pretty good. They have the power to make your butt go from flat to downright juicy. 10/10 would recommend.

So what are these scrunch butt leggings?

These leggings have a center in the back that is scrunched. Hence, the name scrunched butt leggings. They align with your butt crack when you put them on so that it can really lift up your butt.

Although this sounds weird and/or scary, it really seems to have quite the effect. You can see the difference in these videos. These leggings make it look like you do squats daily even if you are a couch potato. They are basically push-up bras, but for your booty. These really are the most flattering spandex that you can buy for your caboose.

How do I buy these scrunch butt leggings?

These leggings have gone so viral on TikTok now that Amazon has started calling these leggings as the leggings and named them “the Amazon leggings”. You can always search that on Amazon.com or here is the link from which you can get them. 

These leggings are in every color that you can think of so you don’t have to worry about matching it with your tops. They also have this amazing texture that hides all your skin flaws and cellulite. What more can you ask from leggings?

You can wear them for light to strenuous exercise. They are also comfortable enough to be worn while traveling or as pajamas at home.

Difference between regular leggings and scrunch butt leggings

TikTokers are going crazy about these leggings because the difference these leggings make on your butt is huge. You literally cannot ask for a better type of bottoms. Bottoms, get it? Here check out the difference –


These leggings are going to be the reason why I’m pregnant again😂😂 #foryou #fyp #amazonleggings #leggings

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There should now be a new trend – reactions of your partner on seeing you wearing the scrunch butt leggings for the first time!