TikTok: How to do the Cut The Check Bust It Down dance!


TikTok dances are one of the most popular things to do on the app, with most users jumping at the opportunity to show off their best dance moves and the newest viral dance trend is the cut the check challenge.

The hashtag #cutthecheckchallenge has 325 Thousand views on TikTok, so find out how to do it below.

Who created the dance?

The creator of the new viral dance is TikTok user Mahak Hamid who now has over 1.1 million followers thanks to her popular moves.

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She shared a video thanking everyone for doing her dance and also posted a slowed down tutorial to help people get the hang of it.


THANK YOU TO EVERYONE DOING MY DANCE 🙂 I love you so much <3 you’re awesome! I’m gonna post a tutorial later today :))

♬ dc mahakhamidd – Mahak Hamid

The original song is called ‘Rake it up’ by Yo Gotti featuring Nicki Minaj.

Step by step guide

1. You have to raise your arms up in an L shape and bang your fists together and then cross your arms in front of you.

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2. Then push your arms down and chest up

3. Now drop down

4.Do cut throat motion

5.Pretend to throw some cash

6.Swing your arms around over your head and pop your hip.

7.Right arm reach then left arm reach.

8.Pull forward and lean over.

9.Pop your booty for left to right 🍑

10. Cross your arms and drop your head then flick your hair up.

11.Lift your right leg and smack your hip.

12. Bring your hands to your chest and run them down your torso while shaking your hips

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13.Swing your right arm twice in a circular motion

14. Put hands at either side of your head like reindeer antlers.

15. Swing your right arm in front of you to finish!

Good luck trying it!

Best TikToks


tht one part gets me every time (dc- @mahakhamidd )

♬ dc mahakhamidd – Mahak Hamid

We love the TikTok dancing in pj’s part of TikTok.

Here is American actress Tess Brooks doing the viral dance!