TikTok: What is the meaning of iykyk? Five examples of how to use it!


The hashtag #iykyk is most commonly used on TikTok.

It sounds confusing but it makes sense when you see an example, so here are some below.

What does iykyk mean?

  • Iykyk means ‘if you know you know’ and people usually put it to help people understand the content that is posted, it usually means the video is cleverly referencing something else.

Iykyk TikTok examples

You may have read our previous story about the Jay Alvarez coconut oil drama where he was supposedly involved in an intimate video that used coconut oil.

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Many people then went on to post videos about wanting coconut oil with the caption #iykyk because people would’ve had to see the Jay Alvarez video for it to make sense.

People often talk on social media about how they never have pictures with their closest friends, here’s an example of an iykyk TikTok.

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Usually, the iykyk tag is used in reference to something that is a little bit naughty so it is an unspoken thing that only some people will know.

In the same way as when you were a child and you didn’t always know what your parents were talking about, because they used a code word, iykyk is that but as an adult.

This funny TikTok is playing the very popular song from 365 days in the car, the film blew up on Netflix but was a very sexual movie with a lot of initmiate scenes.

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Hence why the girl acts shocked when pretending the child has asked where the song is from.


I hope nobody else has to go threw this #mood #iykyk

♬ the sound but with no cussing – bryn

This TikToker refers to when a sex scene comes on in a film you are watching with your parents, this is a cringey iykyk moment I am sure we have all had.