TikTok: Lopsided Smile Filter explored – with 5 hilarious examples!

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The Lopsided Smile Filter is currently trending on TikTok as users are loving the hilarious outcome! Transform your face to an off-balance profile and be prepared to stay entertained.

In this article, we explore the Lopsided Smile Filter and find out just why it is becoming so popular online. Continue reading below to discover all you need to know about this TikTok filter along with funny examples, how you can use it, and more!

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“U wanna go u wee skank “ 🤣

♬ Risata particolare – Matteo Orlando

What is the Lopsided Smile Filter on TikTok?

No matter your facial expression, the Lopsided Smile Filter transforms your profile.

The TikTok filter remodels your face into looking as though you have an extremely off-balance appearance.

But, wait! It doesn’t stop there!

The filter can also be altered into modifying your face in the opposite way; it prevents you from smiling.

A TikTok user named @brandon_wxxds featured both of these hilarious versions if the filter in a recent upload.

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A funny TikTok sound shared by @teorly96 currently has over 1,300 videos featuring the laughter audio, paired with users trying out the Lobsided Smile Filter.

How to get the Lopsided Smile Filter on TikTok

In order to try out this trending filter, you’ll need to ensure you’re logged into TikTok.

Open up the TikTok app and select the search bar on the discovery page.

Simply type ‘Lopsided Smile’ and search!

The filter will now appear categorized under ‘Effects’, it is a purple icon containing a smiling face.

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Once you have selected this filter, you will be introduced to over 20,000 videos that feature it.

Now, click the red record button at the bottom of the screen and prepare for a shock!

By tapping on the camera screen, you are able to alter the filter from a wonky-smile to not being able to smile at all! #LOL

Hilarious TikTok examples

A TikTok user named @namesels_ tried out this hilarious filter and the laughs wouldn’t stop!

@naomimcdaid01 also used this filter on someone else and sure was funny!

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“U wanna go u wee skank “ 🤣

♬ Risata particolare – Matteo Orlando

Another user named @niko1apavlovic pointed the filter at their television as it transformed the faces on the screen.

More laughter was shown in @leahwilmo‘s upload featuring the Lopsided Smile Filter.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out this comical face-changing filter!

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Head over to TikTok for further funny content surrounding the Lopsided Smile Filter.