TikTok: The real meaning of ‘OF’ on social media explained

Screenshot from @ms.kat.rae TikTok

The abbreviation ‘OF’ has been spiralling TikTok ever since creators have been showing viewers how much they’re earning on another platform.

Read below to find out what this TikTok slang really means.

What is OF?

OF is an abbreviation for OnlyFans, a social media platform which allows content creators to post content and receive payment directly from their followers or ‘fans’ via subscriptions or one-off tips.

This media site can be used to upload any exclusive content, however most users of this platform typically choose to post content of the pornographic variety…

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When utilised as an adult site, users will post photos and videos to their accounts, which can only be accessed through payment.

Why do people choose to use OnlyFans?

Many creators using this site admire the fact they can choose to communicate with their audiences in more intimate ways; it allows them to publish exclusive content and receive feedback/requests, etc.

On the other hand, OnlyFans can be a great way to earn money fairly easily, and therefore a lot of users purely just choose to take advantage of this.

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Creator @jeeniibm2 shows her 716.7K followers how much she has earned from OnlyFans, telling them that it is worth it:


No pregunten si me vale la pena, aquí tienen la respuesta ✌🏼 IG: jeeniibm2 #greenscreen #parati #xyzbca

♬ Only Fans – Remix – Young Martino & Lunay & Myke Towers

Which TikTok creators have an OnlyFans account?

TikTok creator, @ms.kat.rae who currently holds 41.5K followers and 180.8K likes, shows off her OnlyFans earnings as she makes over $1000 in a week.

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She captions the video with:

“literally ONE WEEK into only – fans😅”


#greenscreen 🥺 literally ONE WEEK into only – fans 😅 link in bio 😈 #foryoupage #foryou

♬ Then Leave – BeatKing

Trisha Paytas, the TikTok creator (@trishlikefish88) with 4 million followers along with 204.8 million likes, is also situated on the exclusive platform.

Trisha has 389 posts along with 171.7K likes in total and therefore must make a lot of money from this.

What do you think about content creators who use OnlyFans?