TikTok: Why ‘Ford Ranger’ is trending – and who started it!

Screenshot from @imyosancho TikTok.

Ford Rangers have been trending on TikTok ever since a creator expressed his interest in these particular trucks.

The hashtag (#fordranger) now has 109.2 million views altogether.

Read below find out what this bizarre trend is all about.

How did the Ford Ranger start?

TikTok user @imyosancho uploaded his first ‘Ford Ranger’ video on 4th January 2021 which has now gained 101.5K views and 13.5K likes.

The video involved multiple Ford Rangers being zoomed into whilst @imyosancho repeatedly yells:

“F****** Ford Ranger!”

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The creator then went on to upload a part 2, but it wasn’t until part 3 that his catchy phrase started to go viral.

Posted on 5th January, the part 3 Ford Ranger video now has 3.6 million views alongside 662.5K likes. At the end, @imyosancho forms a song which has proven to be very popular.

Who started the TikTok trend?

@imyosancho, American TikTok user, currently holds 80.8K followers along with 1.1 million likes on his account.

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He also creates content for his Youtube channel (@ImYo Sancho), with 290 subscribes and his most recent upload being 2 weeks ago.

In his first upload, 2 years ago, the creator formerly introduced himself as Lo Lo.

A lot of his Youtube content features information and discussions surrounding motor-vehicles, suggesting that perhaps Lo Lo has been interested Ford Rangers for a while…

Lo Lo also has over 3,000 followers on his Instagram account (@imyosancho) which is categorised as a ‘Personal Blog’; head over for more of his humorous content.

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How come this has gone viral?

The comment section of Lo Lo’s viral TikTok video is full of users talking about the song he created at the end.

User named @zackious_01 took to the comment section to ask:

“Is nobody gonna talk about the absolute BOP this man laid down ??? 😳😂”

So @imyosancho decided to make it into an audio with backing music:


FUCKEN FORD RANGER the song I’m not a rapper nor do I have audio editing skills #fyp #fordranger #ford #ranger #dangerranger #MoneyTok

♬ original sound – ImYo Sancho

The sound has even been used by other popular creators, @_anthonylara12 used the song as audio for his video and managed to gain 1.5 million views and 170.4K likes.

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This audio is why I have TikTok 😂#fordranger #trucktok #fypシ @imyosancho

♬ original sound – ImYo Sancho

Head over to Ford Ranger-TikTok and discover what the hype is all about!