TikTok: Here’s how boys can get the wet mop trending haircut

Photo by Jonathan Weiss on Unsplash

If you are on TikTok, then you know the wet mop haircut is trending and they make men look insanely hot immediately.

If you wanna get the same haircut at home, here’s how to get it.

What is the wet mop haircut on TikTok?

The name of the haircut explains it pretty clearly – the haircut looks like a wet mop, but you know, in a stylish fashionable way.

This wet mop style is for boys with long hair on the top and short hair on the sides and the back of the head. It is different from the “Mop top” that The Beatles had as this one is more modern and has a more messy and wavy finish. The mop top style had a straight mop look but this one looks like you got straight out of bed or shower looking this hot with a shiny, messy, and wet look.

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How to get the wet mop hair style at home

The main thing about this hairstyle or haircut is that the hair on the top should stay long and artfully messy. If you already have long hair on the top and shorter hair in comparison to the sides and the back then you can do this hairstyle at home by yourself. If you want to get this cut though, it’s for the best if you let a professional give you the haircut and then style it this way as mentioned below by yourself.

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You can use the YouTube video added here to show it to the barber or to do it yourself. This hairdo is easy to do with a blowdryer and if you have the relevant hair products. The trick to getting this hairstyle is to go from a clean and neat look to an artfully messy style to show off how “you woke up like this”.