Instagram: 30 perfect hood captions for your selfies with hoodies

Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

Who doesn’t love a good caption with the perfect hooded selfie? Hashtag Hyena has captions for all occasions.

Funny and perfect hood captions for Instagram

  1. Don’t take my hoodie off, you can just have this jacket I don’t need it.
  2. Hood master.
  3. I can’t be a mad man all the time.
  4. I will be lit just like a hood.
  5. You are such a perfect fit in every single one of my hoodies. All we need is each other (and our favorites).
  6. I ain’t wearing any pants, so don’t get too close to me!
  7. Morning walks are the best only in hoodie…
  8. It’s nice to be able to dress down once in a while.
  9. I’m a hoodie girl, you can’t take this from me.
  10. I’m just having fun in my hoodie.
  11. Hoodies are my everything, they make me feel so cozy and cute!
  12. A lot of girls love hoodies because we feel safe inside them—protection from the world outside our styles and literally covered up by something fluffy and comfortable.
  13. The sky is just a hoodie in the air.
  14. Walking in my favorite hoodies and everything feels so right.
  15. If you wanna be with me, just climb in my hoodie.
  16. I don’t need you to be there for me, I got my hoodie!
  17. Shhh…it’s just a hoodie.
  18. This light pastel hoodie is perfect for those cool breezy days out with your fur baby.
  19. September already? Hoodie season!
  20. All climate is a hoodie climate.
  21. You can always count on your hoodie.
  22. I’m not wearing any underwear you can’t see me in my hoodie.
  23. Hoodies are great for starting conversations with people who would never talk to us otherwise…and they’re also perfect for staying warm when winter hits!
  24. I know I’m cute, but it’s just a hoodie!
  25. Kinda classy kinda hood…
  26. Hood forever, I just act like I’m, well-mannered.
  27. I’m so hood I can’t even see where the edge of it is.
  28. Hood is good hood.
  29. All the colors fade at the front of my hoodie.🎨
  30. Hoodies are for the boys who live their lives without fear of consequence and go against society’s standards.
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