What was the chapstick trend on TikTok? Why was it dangerous that it was discontinued?

Photo by Joey Nicotra on Unsplash

TikTok has no shortage of toxic and dangerous trends. What was the chapstick trend on TikTok though? Read to find out why you shouldn’t be joining it.

What was the chapstick trend on TikTok?

ChapSticks is a brand that is so popular that people have forgotten to say lip balms and call all lip balms chapstick now. It is like calling a photocopy of a paper xerox because the brand is called Xerox.

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The rules of the chapstick trend or challenge are pretty unclear as there are multiple versions on TikTok. Users are warning against the form of the challenge in which chapstick is used to hurt themselves.

We know what you are thinking. How can you use chapsticks to hurt yourself? Here’s what the users are doing – There are users who have attempted to use up an entire tube of ChapStick on their lips. They said that when the tube gets finished, they are supposed to die by suicide.

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This challenge can trigger suicide for a lot of vulnerable audiences. This is not a challenge that you should be engaging in.

Then there is another version with the same challenge name in which the users use ChapStick or some kind of lip balm to cover the wound and harm themselves further.

All the versions of this challenge are harmful and you should not engage in it nor should you encourage it by watching videos of this challenge.

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The only part of this challenge that is not harmful is when users apply flavored chapstick on their lips, ask their partner to close their eyes, kiss them, and guess the flavor of the lip balm.

This type of challenge can be fun for your audience to watch, very romantic for you and your partner, and a nice way to spend an evening while making TikToks.

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