TikTok: Who is Damaury Mikula’s girlfriend? Age and child revealed!

Damaury Mikula TikTok.

We all know 18-year-old Damaury Mikula as a lip-synching TikTok star – but who is he dating at the moment?

We’re diving in deep to find out who has Damaury’s heart.

Does Damaury Mikula have a baby mama?

If you weren’t already aware, Damaury has an adorable baby daughter named Isabella.

The social media star kept information about Isabella and Isabella’s mother under wraps for quite some time. However, per the request of his fans, he released a YouTube Q&A video last September, entitled ‘Baby mom reveal!!’.

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Isabella’s mother is 17-year-old Destiny, AKA @Ll_destinny, who is also a content creator.

Who is Damaury Mikula’s girlfriend?

The golden question that fans are eager to know – who is Damaury dating right now?

Unfortunately, Damaury is yet to publically confirm or deny that he is dating anyone right now. Although, fans are almost certain that he and Destiny are back together, judging by the couple-like behaviour displayed in their TikTok and Instagram content.

Fans of Damaury and Destiny are desperate for the pair to make it official, often commenting on Damaury’s posts:

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“You can’t tell me they not together 😭🥰”

“Stop playing and get together already 😭”

“I know y’all be kissing when them camera off 🙄”

Neither Damaury or Destiny have commented on the rumours surrounding their rekindled relationship.

What is Damaury and Destiny’s relationship like?

The two have a daughter together, which obviously means they have an intense history together.

Though, judging by their recent content, it looks like the pair have a strong bond with each other – whether they’re officially dating or not.

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In fact, Destiny frequently makes appearances on Damaury’s YouTube channel ‘Kid Maury’, which is dedicated to documenting Isabella’s growth and milestones.

Plus, in the ‘Baby mom reveal’ video, Destiny revealed that Isabella lives with her and Damaury frequently comes over. This means that they’re definitely spending a lot of time with each other.

Do you think that Damaury and Destiny are dating in secret?