YouTube: Why did Poppy Mead move out of her sister’s house?

Poppy Mead TikTok.

Eighteen-year-old YouTube and TikTok star, Poppy Mead, describes her new lavish living space as her ‘dream apartment’.

What led the influencer to start a new venture in a new home?

Where did Poppy Mead live before she moved out?

In a YouTube video, Poppy revealed that she initially moved out of her family home for two reasons: she needed a better space for filming content and she wanted to gain more independence.

The social star quickly put rumours to rest, telling subscribers that her relationship with her mum wasn’t damaged – it was rather very strong and not part of the reasoning for moving out.

Up until recently, Poppy has been living with her sister and her sister’s boyfriend.

Why did Poppy Mead move out of her sister’s house?

After much speculation, Poppy’s sister’s boyfriend finally spoke out surrounding the move out.

In a TikTok, which has since been deleted, Poppy’s sister and her boyfriend revealed that the YouTube star simply wasn’t pulling her weight around the house and would stay in bed all day. The pair also felt as though Poppy was being dishonest with her followers.

Poppy has since responded to this, letting her followers know that she had been feeling down as of late and, thus, had a tendency to isolate others.

Although the TikTok video was taken down, you’re still able to view it via @Theuktiktokroom on Instagram.

It has also been theorised that the TikToker has moved out to be closer to her boyfriend, Kris Taylor. This cannot be confirmed or denied as of right now.

In-between moving, Poppy had been staying with a close friend in Hull.

Where did Poppy Mead move to?

Poppy has since found a flat in Hull, which is a short distance away from where her boyfriend lives.

In her most recent YouTube upload entitled ‘moving vlog (finally)’, she describes the space as her “dream apartment” and reveals that she was worried that she would be homeless if she hadn’t have found it.

Best of luck to Poppy in her new home.