YouTube: Who is Elz the Witch dating? All the goss here!

Elz the Witch Youtube.

As rumours have circulated the internet, fans are eager to know who the lucky man in Elz the Witch’s life is.

The social media personality recently took to YouTube to clear the air and shut down speculation surrounding her love life.

Is Elz the Witch dating anyone?

Twenty-nine-year-old Eleanor, better known as Elz the Witch, seems to be pretty private towards sharing her personal life – especially that of her dating life.

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In a recent YouTube upload titled ‘MEET MY NEW BOYFRIEND…? πŸ‘€’, subscribers were keen to find out who had swept the social star off of her feet. Though, unfortunately, this video turned out to be clickbait.

Instead, the new video showed Elz ‘growing a boyfriend’ from a novelty’ grow a boyfriend’ toy – not exactly what the fans were expecting.

In fact, many subscribers were hoping for an appearance from Behzinga, AKA Ethan Payne. This is evident from fan comments: “ME PRESSING ON THE VIDEO THINKING SHES WITH ETHAN😭😭” and “Haha I generally thought Ethan was going to appear, right at the end πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚”

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Who is the suspected boyfriend of Elz the Witch?

Twenty-five-year-old fellow YouTuber, Ethan Payne, frequently collaborates with Elz for YouTube content. Due to their close bond, fans of Elz were hoping for a relationship to blossom between the two.

Sadly, in December of 2020, Ethan disclosed on an Instagram story that his relationship with Elz was merely platonic.

Eleanor’s most recent YouTube upload, entitled ‘THE TRUTH BEHIND ME AND BEHZINGA’, also confirms that the two are not romantically involved at the point.

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With that being said, Ethan featured on Eleanor’s channel in February 2021, in a video entitled ‘BAKING VALENTINES PANCAKES with BEHZINGA! 😘’

Baking together, on a day that celebrates love, definitely appears a little bit romantic – you can definitely see how fans have concluded that they’re dating each other.

Behzinga was previously in a relationship with Emily Geere, but this ended in 2018.

Otherwise, Ethan is best known for his fitness and lifestyle videos, but we’re sure that we’ll see him again soon on Eleanor’s channel.

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Why do fans think Elz the Witch and Behzinga are dating?

As mentioned, the pair are spending a lot of time together. Between content collaborations and snaps for Instagram, take a look at their best moments: