Snapchat: How to get the PS5 Filter – funny face filter!

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The Play Station 5 release date isn’t until November 12th, but Snapchat couldn’t wait any longer and launched many PS5 filters!

When Snapchat first launched in 2011, it was primarily popular for its capacity to send disappearing messages, known better as snaps.

A decade later, the platform is mostly known for its use of emojis and the fascinating constantly evolving filters.

Snapchat puts a lot of effort in their filters and that shows in the variety that the app has: promo filters, customised filters, song filters and funny filters, to name a few.

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The latest technology launches become filters on the platform and the Play Station 5 couldn’t be an exception; it doesn’t have one, but many different filters.

How to get the PS5 filter on Snapchat

Firstly, open the Snapchat app.

Then, click on the smiley face at the bottom right of the screen.

Once you’ve clicked on the smiley face, the filters will appear.

Swipe up and you will then be directed to the filters’ page, where you can find all the filters, including trending ones.

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At the top of the screen, you will find the search bar you should tap on.

Search for “PS5” and a series of PS5 filter will pop up.

You can choose between the PS5 package and box filter, the PS5 controller filter, the PS5 box filter and a couple PS5 funny filters.

All the filters, except the funny ones, are available with the back camera of your phone.

To save any of the PS5 Snapchat filters you need to take a picture using the filter; then the filter will be saved under the smiley face for 48 hours.