TikTok’s ‘Honey on Tongue witchcraft’ explained – how it works!

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TikTok has become the home of modern witchcraft; the “honey on tongue” ritual is trending and people are wondering how it works.

In this age of uncertainty, young people have turned their hopes to the occult, to astrology and horoscopes.

TikTok has become the headquarter of witchcraft performances; the hashtag “witchcraft” has over two billion views and countless videos on spells and rituals for everything that people want to manifest.

The most magical subject has to probably be love. How else can you explain love at first sight and a stomach full of butterflies? However magical love is, it is equally tricky and sometimes even painful.

Evidently, there are rituals you can practise to manifest love and attract the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

How does the “Honey on Tongue” witchcraft work?


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Love spells are very popular on TikTok since many people are in search of their special someone. The hashtag “love spell” has around 70 million views and plenty of witchcraft videos.

Currently, the most widespread love spell on TikTok is the “honey on tongue”.

The witchcraft is done by putting honey on your tongue with your finger, shaping a cross while thinking of the person you want to fall in love with you and saying a chant in Latin.

This love spell is supposed to be very powerful, as it makes the person you fancy obsessed with you and as sweet as honey to you.

Some of the effects the “honey on tongue” witchcraft arguably has on your target are tiredness, irritation, dreaming of you, and sometimes even body marks.

Is the “Honey on Tongue” love spell dangerous?

The WitchTok might be available to everyone but it isn’t for everyone.

According to the experts, love spells are very powerful and can easily go wrong if there isn’t enough attention to detail.

Witch-TikTokers have been spreading awareness on how love spells can ruin lives, claiming that they need to be done carefully and by those who know the magic words correctly.

Some are disappointed by this trend and believe that it is a cultural appropriation towards the Hispanic heritage who invented this love spell.