Instagram filters unable to use – how to fix the issue!

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Instagram is great until it isn’t. The platform occasionally crashes, and certain features are unavailable. Here’s what to do!

Ever frustrated you can’t find an Instagram filter? And what’s with that happening when you want to try the filter the most? Many phones have been banged against the wall because of Instagram’s misbehaviour 😓.

Since Instagram’s launch in 2010, the app has become one of the world’s leading platforms, but like everything in life, it can annoy you sometimes.

From time to time, the set Instagram filters, that should always be available, disappear out of nowhere.

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Don’t panic, here’s what you can do to recover the filters whenever they are missing.

How to access the Instagram filters when they are missing

When the app crashes, there isn’t much you can do about it, since it’s the platform’s problem. In Instagram’s defence, most of the time, it isn’t the app’s fault but your phone’s.

  • Start by cleaning out the trash. Delete random screenshots you took ages ago and apps that you never use; the fuller the memory of the phone, the worse the rendering.
  • If your phone’s memory isn’t the case, try deleting and re-downloading the app.
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The Instagram app will restart, fix all kinds of errors, automatically update, and you will be able to find all the filters you were missing before.

  • If restarting the app doesn’t fix the problem, an all-time classic solution is to turn your phone off and back on.

This process causes the majority of phone issues and could potentially fix this too, as it can free up RAM (random-access memory) space and reload the app afresh.

  • If you have an Android and none of the above has worked, head to the phone settings and then click on apps.
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Select Instagram, storage next and finally tap on clear cache.

Now you know how to always access the Instagram filters. Happy selfie-ing 🥳!