TikTok: “Hands behind your head” song and trend explored

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

A new dance trend of January 2022 on TikTok is going on with the song that goes “Hands behind your head yo”.

It is an easy-to-follow routine that anyone can do. You can also get your family members or friends to join in so it’s more fun.

Hands behind your head TikTok song lyrics

Yo hey yo hey
Hands behind your head
Turn your head
Do it like that
Look at look at that beeeee-tch
Get it, look, booty b*tch
Look back look back
Ah yo

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different angle… hope everyone has a fantastic day<33

♬ original sound – 💛

Dance routine for this audiotrack

As you must have noticed, there are barely any lyrics because this is not a song, it is an audio track recorded by one of the TikTokers that got very popular. Now it is being used by a lot of other users to follow this dance trend.

You will need to practice this routine for about 5 to 10 minutes to get it in sync with your dance partners and the song.

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The trend has just started and there are more than 330k videos and they have almost five million views so this is the best time for you to join the trend. It is not too early that your video will be missed and not too late that the viewers will be saturated.

Here is a dance tutorial to help you along with your attempt.